Fairest Cape Weddings presents the following Services:

*   A Non-Denominational / civil wedding English or Afrikaans in Cape Town or surrounds - creating a relaxed atmosphere with a touch of humour is our trademark.

*   We are also acquainted and comfortable with all aspects of a formal traditional wedding. 

*   A meeting with you as the bridal couple to discuss and plan the order of events, duration and content of your wedding ceremony.

*   Advice in respect of legal procedures, i.e. Ante-Nuptial Contract, registration of your marriage abroad for non SA nationals

*   Together with a quotation to preside at your wedding a number of informationals will be forwarded to you free of charge. ie. Article on entering into an Ante-Nuptial Contract; Tips for the Bride on her Wedding Day; A concise list of Legal Documents required to solemnise a marriage in South Africa; A comprehensive number of specimen Wedding Vows you may choose from.

*  Prompt and efficient reply by email to any questions or queries you may have.

*   A wedding rehearsal (if required)

*   Refer you to a competent Wedding Planner & Co-ordinator if you require the services of one.

*   Seamless co-operation with and assistance to your Wedding Co-ordinator should you have contracted one.

*   Travelling to the venue and taking care of the smooth running of your Wedding Ceremony.

*   We endeavor to make the solemnisation of your marriage a relaxed and enjoyable experience

*   A Marriage Certificate is issued free of charge upon signing of the Marriage Register.

*   Advice to non-SA Nationals as to registration of your marriage in your  home country.

*   Advice in obtaining an Unabridged Marriage Certificate from the Department of Home Affairs.

*   Personal submission to, and registration of your marriage documentation with the Department of Home Affairs in Bellville. (Cape Town)

*   Duly appointed and accredited by the Department of Home Affairs as wedding officer ......however, the terms of my appointment do not provide for the civil union of same sex couples. 

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